Composition of Parliament

The word Parliament comes from a French word ‘parlement’ which signifies a place of speaking. Parliament therefore is essentially a place of speaking.

The Parliament of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is modelled on that of the British Parliament.  However, whereas Britain has two Houses of Parliament: the House of Commons and the House of Lords, which together with the Queen, make up Parliament; our Parliament is comprised of the House of Assembly and the Governor-General.

At present the House of Assembly consists of a total of twenty-three members. These include fifteen (15) elected members (Representatives), six (6) Senators, the Attorney-General and the Speaker of the House.  The membership of the House may vary,  because, as is the case now, the Attorney-General, who is a Public Servant, and the Speaker of the House, may be elected from outside of the House.  In any case they are always regarded as members of the House.



Copies of Acts found under Publications can be purchased at the Government Printry.