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Clerk of the House

Tel.No: (784) 451-2494/457-1872
PBX No: (784) 456-1111
ext: 379/380

(784) 457-1825


House of Assembly
Court House Building
White Chapel Road
St.Vincent & the Grenadines



According to the Constitution 1979 Section 45 (1), there are six (6) Senators; Four appointed on the Government Side and Two on the Opposition Side.

Senators in the House of Assembly:


Honourable Julian Francis Government Senator/ Ministry of Transport,
Works, Urban Development and Local Government

Honourable Robert T.L.V. Browne

Government Senator/Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment
Honourable Deborah Charles

Government Senator/ Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, National Reconciliation and Ecclesiastical Affairs

Honourable Carlos James Deputy Speaker of the House
Honourable Shirlan Barnwell
Opposition Senator
Honourable Jules Ferdinand
Opposition Senator